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Saturday, April 03, 2010

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Friday, April 02, 2010


Hello fellow blog readers and friends. Greetings from Hoosier land...otherwise known as Indiana. It's Friday night and I'm enjoying myself thoroughly here in my hometown with friends and family. I just returned home after a fun night with my parents and the kiddo's. We drove into downtown Indianapolis to check out the final four festivities. Our Butler Bulldogs made it into the final four this year so our town is hoppin' right now. It's so awesome to see all of the excitement for another one of our Indiana teams so soon after the Superbowl events. We have a spectacular city and I'm proud to call Indiana my "home." My Dad has tickets for the final four games this year and he is taking Brennen with him. Lucky DAWGS! Brennen has no idea how blessed he is. This city is going to be rockin' and rollin' tomorrow night once the games begin. Fun stuff! We went to Dick's sporting goods today and got all of our Butler fan gear for the games. It was a mad house in there to say the least. Not only that but I looked like something the cat drug in yet managed to run into everybody and their brother while there. Never fails - whenever you look like crap - you see everyone you know. Today was no different. It was great to see everyone though - even though I looked like I'd been thru a "hell hath no furry tornado." :)

FYI...the real reason why I'm writing tonight is to let you guys know a quick tid bit regarding my blog tomorrow. My web gal, Amy, is migrating my blog over to a new blog address which might take several hours tomorrow (Saturday). Therefore, if you visit the blog at all tomorrow and it is down, you'll know why. You might have to check back later in the day or evening once the migration has taken place. The new blog address after the migration is complete will be Blogger updated their servers and such which required us with FTP publishing to update along with them. Please mark your bookmark for my blog accordingly after tomorrow so that you can still find me after the migration. Hopefully everything with transfer smoothly and we won't have any glitches. :)

I know I said I wouldn't blog until next Tuesday but my web gal thought I should post a heads up for each of you in case you come to the blog and have problems viewing it tomorrow. Therefore, I'm borrowing my Dad's laptop and blogging. It has been an absolutely beautiful week here in Indiana. We've had 80 something degree weather and sunshine since we arrived. All of my resources really nailed my weather requests before our arrival. LOL! I've been able to visit with girlfriends, veg out with my parents, see some of my parents dear friends while in town, and just enjoy being home overall. Dad and Cathy have fed us like they were feeding an army everyday. They've cooked for us, taken us to my favorite restaurants that I've been craving since moving to Florida and baked good ol' brownies as well. I'm in heaven. I've missed being home and this week is exactly what I needed.

Brennen spent the day in Carmel with a good buddy of his and had a ball. He's had sleepovers with all of his cousins and bounced off the walls since arriving back home. I paid a visit to my favorite cupcake shop, Holy Cow Cupcakes, while up in Carmel today. I got to see my friend/store owner, Karen Sutton, as well as grab some of my favorite cuppies while in town. YAY! We spent the night reminiscing with my parents last night. We ran by the firehouse and visited with some of my Dads best buds for a bit. Again, great to see everyone. Across the street from that fire house was where we did some of our reminiscing. There is a park - called Garfield park - in that area of town. Inside that park is a hill that we all call "Tickle Belly Hill." As a kid, my parents used to drive me over the hill as fast as the car we were in would go and it would give you the biggest butterflies in your belly. As I got older, my Mom owned several corvettes over a certain amount of years. We'd get over in that area on rare occasions but when we did, she'd always take me over the hill in the vette(s) for the fun of it. That hill and that park in general bring back so many memories for me as a young kid. So...this time...I decided to introduce it to my own kids. Needless to say, they loved it. Kenidi especially. The first time I took her over it, she kept signing the word "more." LOL! It was hysterical. I'm so very thankful for childhood memories that can be passed on to my own children now. All that reminiscing had me going by the house I grew up in as a kid, the house my Dad and Cathy lived in as I was growing up, the elementary school I attended from K-2nd grade and so forth. Maybe the moving out of state brought it all out but something in me just needed to see those places one more time. Strange I know. However, it gave me comfort - almost a confirmation that yes...Indiana and many of its cities are still my hometown even though I reside in Florida full time now. There is just something about "home" that helps fulfill the soul when it is needing replenished. Even though we live in Florida now, I'm so blessed by the family I have and the friends I have which help complete this town that I call my real "home." Without them, home means nothing.

For now, I am going to finish watching this movie with my parents and then hit the hay. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. For most of the day, we'll be at our old house in Center Grove doing some touch up work before any new/future occupants move in. And for those of you who understand this joke...NO, I'm not in jail. YET! LOL! Check back with me after I've been at the house all day tomorrow. Most of you are on stand by - just waiting for a potential collect call from me from the county lock up. HA HA! So far no appearences have been made. As long as it stays that way, we'll be good to go. Wink wink! ;)

As I said before, I'll be back to regular blogging and sharing my newest photography images come Tuesday. Stay tuned. Thank you for your patience. It's greatly appreciated.

PS...My next round of beginner online photography classes that I teach are starting on May 1st. Seats are filling up. If you want to register or would just like to get info on them, go HERE to do so. We would love to have you join us in the next class. Much love, Angie

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Monday, March 29, 2010


Well, by the time many of you will read this, I'll be on a 7:15am jet plane bound for home - to Indiana - after having been gone for the past 4.5 months. Oh how awesome it feels to be headed back home to see my Dad and Step mom, my girlfriends, etc. I've missed them all so very much. I should be in bed considering how I need to be up in four short hours getting ready for the airport but I thought I'd blog first. I thought I'd blog and let you all know that because of me being in Indiana and because my laptop is still in the shop, I most likely won't be blogging again until next Tuesday. I'll have access to my emails but probably won't have the ability to blog while I'm gone. Good news is...I talked to Best Buy and my left arm (a.k.a my laptop) is being shipped back as we speak. It should be in by the end of the week. Of course I won't be able to pick it up until next Tuesday though once I'm back in Florida. Bummer I say. Bummer! At least I know my life can return to normal once it is back in my hands. I have photography sessions to blog about and tons of random photos to share with you guys. It's been a looonnnggg 2.5 weeks without it. :(

For now though, I'm focusing on the positive. I'm centered on the fact that in less than 24 hours I'll get to see my Dad again for the first time since moving from Indy to Florida. I'll get to give him a big ol' hug and will thoroughly enjoy vegging out on his couch for the next week. He called the other night and told me all of the things that him and my step-mom were doing in preparation for our arrival. Then Cathy emailed (my step mom) and said she was headed to the grocery store to stock up on our favorite items. They are too good to me. Way too good to me. I've missed them dearly. Moving away from home for the first time in your 34 years of life is tough - very very tough. And when you move across 5 states, it is even more tough. Honestly though, the only thing I miss about Indiana is them and my friends. There isn't much else I miss. I love living in Florida and I love the perks that come along with living here as well. The sea and I are total B/F/F's and are truly thick as thieves. However, there is a familiarity that comes along with "home." I'm looking forward to that familiar way of life when we touch down there tomorrow. I can't wait to spend Easter night with my girlfriends. One of them has a new apartment and a new chapter in her life. I can't wait to see her, raid her new pad, and just hug each of them. I miss the consistent get togethers with them. I'm definitely ready to whip out big Pappa and snap some shots of some fun moments with the crew while in town. :) I need some new images of all of us for the frames within our new home here in Florida. As I type, I'm looking at all of our feet sitting here on my desk - framed in a picture frame - as we sugared our toes in the sand here on the beach when they came down last time for a girls trip. Love those memories! you can see on the map below...I'll be visiting Indianapolis (dead center on the map below), as well as the city below Indianapolis (Greenwood) which happens to be my hometown, and then also the city above Indianapolis (Carmel) which is where we lived when we moved away from Indy. I've got lots of rounds to make while home but it will be worth every minute of it.

The best part of it all...Indy is supposed to have gorgeous weather this week while we are in town. My friends and family called in some favors and adjusted the weather accordingly for our arrival apparently. Gotta' love that! In the meantime, I hope each of you have a FAB week/weekend yourself. Our plane doesn't fly back into Florida until late next Monday night. Stay tuned and be watching for all new photos and updates from our trip come next Tuesday. I've got tons of back-logged blogging material now. YAY for new content! LOL! Thanks for being patient while I take this short hiatus. Our regular scheduled programming will return on April 6th. Wink wink! ;)

Much love, Angie

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Remember this house???

This is our old home in Greenwood, Indiana. This was our home two houses ago. We sold this house on contract and our contract buyers defaulted. Thanks to the slow Indiana court system, after not being paid for six months, we finally got the family evicted and our home back. we are with it on the market again. If you know someone who is looking to buy or lease a beautiful home in the Center Grove area, please have them contact me.

The house was built in 2003. It's located in one of Center Grove's most prestigious neighborhoods called Highland Park. It has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a large basement (great for entertaining) with sauna and workout gym. The backyard speaks for itself with a gorgeous pool. This is a J&R Eaton masterpiece. If you are familiar with his custom homes, you know he holds nothing back. He builds a stunning home with all of the extra custom touches. The home is located in the 4-star Center Grove school district.

Since we live in Florida full time now, it is obviously not convenient to still own a home in Indiana. Therefore, we'd love to sell or lease this home quickly. We appreciate any referrals. You can contact me via my email address at:

We will be in town all this next week and would love to show it if anyone is interested. Thanks a million! ...Angie

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm pulling photos from the archives today because I am without my laptop. And without my laptop means I'm without any of my most recent images. Grrrrr! On Friday my laptop screen decided to take a nose dive. It just went blank with a bunch of stripes going up and down it. I immediately ran it over to Best Buy and their Geek Squad told me I'd have my baby back in 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS??? That is like death to some people - me included. How in the world am I supposed to go three weeks without my left arm? Needless to say, I'm feeling the pain. Photoshop, all of my actions, my current and past images over the last year, etc. are all on my laptop. I'm lost! I'm currently using my desktop computer which I don't necessarily care for. It doesn't have any of my current programs or anything on it. What a mess! So...for now it looks as though I'll be using older images that you've already seen anytime I plan to blog over the next three weeks. Oh what a joy that is going to be. LOL! Bare with me...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that three weeks goes by in a jiffy.

Karen flew into town and spent that past 4 days with me before she had to head on over to the East coast of Florida for a concert she was attending. We had a great time eating at all of the restaurants I've wanted to try but just haven't had a chance yet. For those of you heading to the Sanibel Island area over Spring Break, you must eat at the "Island Cow." It is this quaint little restaurant that I've always wanted to try but never had the chance until last week. It's always packed out and therefore we never attempted stopping there because of the wait. It's an outdoor restaurant with the most adorable hand carved Adirondack chairs in every color of the tropical rainbow calling your name in their front yard. The chairs are handmade by a company here in town called "Tropic-chair" and I'm bound and determined to save up for some to place around our pool. They scream beach, tropics, sun, fun, etc. Definitely a new favorite find of mine. The Island Cow restaurant has a menu the size of Texas which includes everything under the sun. I tried their lobster and shrimp wontons that were plated with a plum dipping sauce that day and devoured them along with their hand squeezed orange juice and their chocolate chip muffins as a side filler. Oh yes, my tummy was in heaven. Keep in mind this stuff followed a bowl of guacamole dip that Karen and I woofed down in the car on the way to Sanibel that morning. Yes, can you tell it was my "cheat day?" I think it goes without saying that it was my one day off my diet and I made the best of it. And when my blender broke at home and it appeared that our lime chips and avocados were about to go to waste, Karen suggested duck tape for a quick fix. I never wavered - headed straight to the garage for Brent's duck tape and we made that daggone blender work. You know your a guacamole addict when you tape up your blender with duck tape in order to make it work at 9:30am in the morning. HA! Thank you God for brilliant friends who suggest duck tape and for the duck tape itself. :) Oh and here are a few photos I found on the Internet of the Island Cow atmosphere...

As you can tell, the Island Cow is a MUST when on Sanibel Island. I love the atmosphere. I love the colors. I love that it is an open air restaurant. I love their food. I love their shirts they wear there. I loved it all. We will go back. I want to take the kids there sometime. Too fun!

Lastly, I've had many people writing and asking how my doctor appt. with the cardiac electrophysiologist went yesterday. In a nutshell, he doesn't think that my issues are the AV Node Tachycardia. THANK GOODNESS! Praise Jesus! Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes. The doc says he is 90% sure that it is due to stress rather than the condition that requires surgery. He thinks my body is releasing a surge of adrenaline at night while I sleep and while my body processes the day. Because of that, I'm having severe palpitations like I've never had before and my medication is no longer working to help them. He basically told me that I needed to quit "stifling" my stress. (meaning don't hold it in or push it deep down - deal with it!) Anyone who knows me well enough knows that it takes a lot to get me down. No matter what is going on in my life, my main goal is to keep trucking along. I refuse to let anyone or anything get the best of me. I read a quote yesterday that said..."Those things or those people that tried to destroy you, haven't! Those things or those people who tried to kill you, didn't! YOU'RE ALL THAT!!!" (by Paula White) I loved it. Thought the quote was a must share - so I did share it on facebook with my crackbook friends. :) However, that attitude is apparently part of my problem. I need to start accepting my stress and owning it a bit more I guess. The doctor reiterated that the normal person who is stressed out hasn't undergone a move across 5 states away from family, a life altering heart diagnosis last year (the PFO), personal issues last July nor do they parent a special needs child on an hourly basis - day after day - and so forth. He told me that my stress level is beyond the norm and that I have to start balancing that out even though I might not feel stressed or feel as though it is as bad as it is. My problem is that I don't look at my life as stressed. I won't give in to the enemy and allow my joy to be stolen. After my talk with the cardiac doctor yesterday though, I realize now that I can OWN my stress and still have joy. He said I needed to give myself extra long bubble baths, extra walks on the beach, pedicures, etc. that focus on me and me only. He said the body needs to balance and the only way to balance your life is to give yourself the time your body is requesting. I laughed and said "Well, apparently my 1-2 walks on the beach each week aren't cutting it then. I'll follow the doctors orders and increase that amount." He twisted my arm. LOL!

Looking back on it, in hindsight, I guess I do have a lot to be stressed about. I'm just not one to let those "stressors" win. Even knowing what I know now, I still won't. However, I will throw them away with the seaweed as the wave caps come washing up on the shore each time that I'm taking my walks on the beach here in sunny Florida. I'm making the decision to own those stressors and send them packing in the cool gulf waters with the sharks and the bottom feeders on the ocean floor. Yes, yes...that is the best place for her them...on the bottom of the ocean floor - in the darkness for which they so consistently beckon.

And today...where am I the beach of course. Today begins the start of a FL warm up here in Naples. Our temps are expected to reach the low to mid 80's over the next 10 days. Not only due I plan to hit that beach over the next several days in order to return to Indiana next week tan and actually looking like I "live" in Florida, but I plan to hit that beach to feed my stressors to the almighty powerful ocean and the monsters that lurk within it. My stressors will soon be their problem now and not mine. And when I report back to my cardiologist in 4-6 weeks, I intend to prove to him that he was right and that the sea is confirmed yet again as a huge and ever so powerful tool in life.

Happy, happy, Monday peeps! Make sure you are all de-stressing even if your "sea" is the toilet in your nearest bathroom. Let's be honest...that is where the stressors best fit anyway - in the commode.

XOXO, Angie

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