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Royalty Bracelet
Baseball Blessings Burp Bouquet
Crown of the Heart Belt Buckle
Scented Bee Bar Lotion (Large)
Scented Belly Bar Maternity Lotion(Regular)
Lip Butter
Bee Bar Lotion Gift Set
Zebra Stocking
The "Katie" Custom Boutique Handbag
Spotted Dog T-Shirt Dress
Tribal Necklace
Royalty Necklace
Royalty Ring
Heart Crown Locket Bracelet
Crown & Leopard Shadowbox Necklace
Cowboy Burpee Blessing Bouquet
French Chocolate Burpee Blessing Bouquet
Out of the Box Tattoo Necklace
Cross Shadowbox Zebra Necklace
Carmel Machiatto Bracelet
Hibiscus Bracelet
Tropical Boho Necklace
Bling Mirror Compact
Time Out Spot Rug (pink outdoors)
Art Glass Initial Necklace
Tempted Angel Bracelet
Pink L/S Skull Shirt
Paddington Handbag
Melie Bianco Hobo Bag
Posh Girl Bling Tank Top
Studded Cross Tank Top
Dance Bling Tank Top
Birthday Girl Bling Tank Top
Got Jesus? Bling Tank Top
Tiara Baby Booties
Tiara Baby/Infant Hat
If the Tiara Fits Frame
Her Royal Highness Tea Set
High Maintenance Hair & Tooth Keepsake
C.E.O. Boy Photo Frame
Teal Skull L/S Shirt
Eagle Peace Tank Top
Heart Breakers Tank Top
Hummingbird Love Tee
Olive Skull Baseball Cap
Brown Skull Baseball Cap
Cross Shadowbox Necklace
Thermal Rhinestone Fleur de Lis Shirt
Brown Turquoise Fleur de Lis Tank
Brown & Pink Fleur De Lis Tank Top
Daddy's Girl Bling Tank
Cowgirl Chic Tee
Definition of Peace Necklace
Peace Definition & Peace Sign Dog Tag Necklace
Make Love-Not War Necklace
War & Peace Dog Tag Necklace
Fleur De Lis Rhinestone Tee (S/S Black)
Rhinestone Crown Women's Football Jersey
Hope Sparrow Necklace
COCO Toddler Car Seat Cover
Daisy Toddler Car Seat Cover
Ethel Toddler Car Seat Cover
Salmon Studded Floral Handbag
Turquoise Floral Handbag
Lime Cross Bag
Layered Shell Disk Necklace & Earring Set
Eagle Foil Print Tee
Blue/Silver Crown Belt
Bronze/Brown Cross Studded Belt
Queen of Hearts Vintage Rock L/S Tee
Pink Angel Wings Tee
Drama Queen Baby Doll Tee
Queen "B" Baby Doll Tee
Fleur De Lis Tank (white)
Queen of Hearts Distressed Tank Top
Funky Zebra Toddler Car Seat Cover
Pink Giraffe Car Seat Cover
Lola Toddler Car Seat Cover
Pink Dotty Toddler Car Seat Cover
Paris Toddler Car Seat Cover
Sadie Toddler Car Seat Cover
Metal Flower Necklace
Hope Winged Heart Art Glass Necklace
Princess Crown Glitter Art Glass Necklace
Shoe Art Glass Necklace
Glitter Crown Necklace on Black Cord
Summer Fiesta Skirt Set
Chocolate Tide Lampwork Bracelet
School Spirit Tee
The Beatles Studded Shirt
Princess Studded Tank Top
Crown Heart Locket Necklace
Hummingbird Love Forever Tattoo Tank
Cross Rhinestone Toddler Hat
Cross Rhinestone Toddler Visor
Tranquility Lime Set
Zebra Cross Shadowbox Necklace 2
Valentine Decoupage Jean Set
MOD Solstice Bracelet & Earring Set
Kleenex/Tissue Holder
Honor thy Mother Boys Tee
Pirates Ahoy Tee
Flying Skull Cross Tee
Cherish thy Father girls tee
My Grandma Rocks Tee(BR)
Satin Pink Bling Pacifier
Island Spice Set
Solid Bling Pacifier
Art Deco Wooden Wall Cross
Wooden Cross Necklace (Pink)
Wooden Cross Necklace (Black)
Pink & Leopard Wooden Wall Cross
Turquoise & Zebra Wall Cross
Decoupage Wooden Wall Cross
Leopard & Alligator Embossed Handbag (Brown)
Dragonfly Wooden Wall Cross
Knotted Hobo by Melie Bianco
Western Fringe Hobo Bag by Melie Bianco
The "Kate" Custom Boutique Handbag
Beatles Tank Top/Onesie (child)
AC/DC Tank Top/Onesie (child)
Go girl Tank Top/Onesie(child)
Parisian Scroll Handbag
Island Style Decoupage jeans
Super Bling Baby Pacifier
Desperado Collection
Football Bling Pacifier(brown)
Cherry Bomb Skirt Set
Diamond Bling Pacifier
The Mamba Bracelet
Super Star Bling Pacifier
Haute Cotton Denim Skirt Set
Desert Fiesta Bracelet & Earring Set
Bling tank top(black)
Baby Bling Brush
Time Out Spot Rug(outdoors blue)
Indoor Pink Time Out Spot Rug
Indoor Blue Time Out Spot Rug
The Silkie
Black Vintage Scroll T-Shirt Dress
Cross fashion Bangle watch (silver)
Sweet Mocha Decoupage Jeans
Bobby Sox Sole Sisters Charm Necklace
Maroon Fleur De Lis Rhinestone Hat
Black Victorian Crown Rhinestone Shirt
True Love Tattooed Denim Jacket
Wings Tank Top(white)
Friend Compact Mirror
Peace Compact Mirror
Fall Spice Lampwork Bracelet
Be True Compact Mirror
High Heel Sole Sisters Necklace
Girlfriends Different Group Necklace
Polka Dot Flip Flops (pink & brown)
Pink Toille Baby Wipe Container
Things to do today Notepad
Personalized Name Notepad
Note for the Teacher Personalized Notepad
Skull Studded Baseball Cap(Beige/off white)
Rebel Tattoo Tee
Heart Crown Amore Tattoo Tank
Guitar Wings Tank Top
Camo Fleur De Lis Thermal
Canvas Skull/Pirate Belt
Recovering Pregnant Chick Maternity Buckle
Mamasita Maternity Buckle
Mutha Maternity Buckle
Rock Star Mama Maternity Buckle
Dove Necklace
Make each day your masterpiece bracelet
Official AGD Logo tee's
Melon Camo s/s Shirt
Anchor Tattoo Shirt L/S
Studded Skull Baseball Cap (black)
Official AGD Logo necklaces
Polka Dot Flip Flops (orange & Fuschia)
Polka Dot Flip Flops(Green & Fuschia)
Polka Dot oven Mitts (as seen in the OPRAH "O List")
Half Apron (Blue/Green)
Half Apron (Green/Pink)
Half Apron (Pink & Brown) Backordered until 10/06
Full Apron (Pink & Orange)
Sally Russell Napkins (3 color choices)
Christmas Stocking (Green & Pink)
Christmas Stocking(Blue & Green)
Christmas Stocking (Pink & Red)
Christmas Stocking (Green & Red)
Oilcloth Chalkmat/Placemat/Play dough mat
Oilcloth Lunchsacks
Toile Oilcloth Lunch sack w/handles
Soar Winged Jean Jacket
It's a girl Maternity Tank
Not finding out Maternity Tank
It's a boy! Maternity Tank
Chick magnet Tee
Elmo is my homeboy Tee
Fashionista Tee
Word to big bird Tee
Rock Star Tee (boy or girl)
Drama Queen lil' girl Tee
Diva Tee
C is for CURE Tee
It's a Girl/Boy Stationary
Silver circle link watch
Cross Purse w/Flap
Multi Strand Green Necklace, Bracelet, Earring Set
Studded Watch (pink or Silver)
Sterling Silver multi stone stack ring
Sports Theme Pegboard
Canyon View Cross Necklace
Multicolor Fashion Hobo
Bold Harware Accented Large Satchel
Brown Large Satchel Hardware Bag
Python Embossed Ring Accented Bag(Brown)
Red Python Embossed Ring accented Handbag
Latch Hook Fashion Handbag
Large Studded Tote (Camel)
Sports Themed Foot Stool
Canvas Fashion Tote (Beige/Brown)
Crayon roll
Faith Bolster pillows (Fuschia or Black)
Hope, Faith, & Love Pillows (Brown or Fuschia)
Red Western Cross Pillow
Royal Purple Fleur De Lis Pillow
Majesty Cross Pillow
Olive Fleur De Lis Pillow
Olive & Pink 2-Tone Cross Pillow
Fleur de Lis pillows (black or olive)
Crowned Heart Pendant
School Spirit Notebook
Fierce Love Baby Sling
Half Apron (aqua & brown)
Lucky Horseshoe Necklace
True Love Necklace
Babysitter Notepad
Official AGD Logo Tee (child)
8oz. Tin Candle
8 oz. Jar Candle
Aqua Truffle Ensemble
Bottle Hand Held Carry All
Crystal Crown Cowgirl Hat (Fuschia)
Peace Sign Camo Rhinestone Tee
Hollywood Fashion Tape Tag Tamers
Chocolate & Strawberry Baby Wipe Container
Black Dots Baby Wipe Container
Blueberries Baby Wipe Container
Rainbow Sherbert Baby Wipe Container
Paisley Baby Wipe Container
Baseball Baby Wipe Container
Airplanes Baby Wipe Container
Lil' Cowpokes Baby Wipe Container
Cow Baby Wipe Container
Sushi Baby Wipe Container
May Flowers Baby Wipe Container
Sofia Baby Wipe Container
Charm Baby Wipe Container
Pink Camouflage Baby Wipe Container
Camouflage Baby Wipe Container
Sports Baby Wipe Container
Bullseye Baby Wipe Container
YAG Olive colored Love shirt
Miss Me Crown Shirt (Cream)
Miss Me CAMO Crown Shirt
Miss Me ROCK Cross Shirt
Leopard & Alligator Embossed Handbag (Black)
Quilted Buckle Accented Satchel (Brown)
Baby Star Infant Car Seat Cover
The "Erin" Boutique Custom Handbag
Cognac Leather Baguette Handbag
No See ems' Blouse Front Closures
No See Ems' Two Hold in Place Strips
BUTTerflies Hold in Place Units
Vintage Tattoo Ensemble
Prince Hand Painted Wall Hanging
Sweet Dreams Hand Painted Wall Hanging
Princess Hand Painted Wall Hanging
Boys Pirate Decoupage jeans
Official AGD Mirror (Coming soon)
PLAY hand painted wall hanging
LITTLE CAPTAIN Hand Painted Wall Hanging
LITTLE MERMAID Handpainted Wall Hanging
NIGHT NIGHT Handpainted Wall Hanging
ONCE UPON A TIME Handpainted Wall Hanging
PRETEND Handpainted Wall Hanging
GOOD GIRL POTION signed Lithograph
PRINCE signed Lithograph Wall Art
PRINCESS Signed Lithograph Wall Art
CIRCUS BLOOM Name plaque
GOOD BOY POTION Signed Lithograph
FAIREST BOY name plaque
SWEET DREAMS SWAN Handpainted Wall Hanging
ENJOY THE SHOW Handpainted Wall Art Hanging
FAIRY LUCY Handpainted Wall Art
MAN IN THE MOON Handpainted Wall Art
SMELL THE ROSES Handpainted Wall Art
FISH Handpainted Wall Art
BABY Handpainted Wall Art
GARDEN Handpainted wall art
SWEET Handpainted wall art
IT'S TIME TO...Handpainted Wall Art
MAKE A WISH Handpainted wall art
BUGS & STRIPES Handpainted Wall Art
LITTLE BUGS Handpainted Wall Art
LITTLE BUNNY Handpainted Wall Art
LITTLE THINGS Handpainted Wall Art
TWINKLE TWINKLE Handpainted Wall Art
LITTLE FAIRY Handpainted Wall Art
Innocence Ensemble
Southern Sass 2pc. Dress & Hat
Groovey Grape Stripwork Skirt
Aline Denim Jean Skirt Set
Candy Apple Skirt Set
COWGIRL Chic' Skirt
Child's Quilted Monkey Back Pack
Child's Quilted Construction backpack
Child's Pirate Quilted Backpack
Child's Quilted Butterfly Backpack
Child's Quilted Poodle Backpack
Dance Ballet Quilted Child's Backpack
Lady Bug Quilted Child's Backpack
Crown Pen & Notepad Set
Love Bug Pen & Notepad Set
Flamingo Springy Pen
Ballet Dance Pen
Pink Chenille Muffet Hat
Pink Pig Chenille Hat
Leopard Stocking
Gooey Green Wiggle Magnetic Pen
Punky Pink Magnetic Wiggle Pen
Black Paris Lap Desk
Pink Argyle Lap Desk & Matching Throw
Camo Lap Desk & Matching Fleece Throw
Mini Flip Notes
Flip Notes Refills
Carmel Apple Burpee Blessing Bouquet
Butterfly Lunch Sack w/ Sweet notes Inside
Lady Bug Lunch Sack w/Sweet Notes
Monkey Lunch Sack w/Sweet Notes
Wooden Doggie Cabinet
Pink Lynx Car Seat Cover
Open Designed Fleur De Lis Necklace
White Chocolate Mother of Pearl Necklace
Distressed Cross Camo Military Jacket
Purse organizer
Girlie punk skull crossbones necklace
Skull Crossbones w/Bow Necklace
Desert Oasis Cross Necklace
Fit for a Princess Ensemble
Ultimate Princess Crown Pant Set
Mother of Pearl Shell Cross Necklace
Camo Fleur De Lis S/S Shirt
Black S/S Fleur De Lis Shirt
Relentless Name Bracelet
Kopa Kabana Bottle/Tote Bag
Chocolate Covered Fabulous Diaper bag
Egg Drop Soup Diaper Bag
Wood Bead Earrings
Sterling Wood Bead Necklace
Geometric Sterling & Wood Bead Necklace
The "Laura" Custom Boutique Handbag
The "Allie" Custom Boutique Handbag
Watery Fire Set
The "Tammy" custom boutique Handbag
The "Karen" Custom Boutique Handbag
The "Zebra" Custom Boutique Handbag
Tapestry Patchwork Custom Boutique Handbag
The "Victoria" Custom Boutique Handbag
The "MacKenzie" Custom Boutique Handbag
Custom Boutique "BOHO" Style Handbag
Flaming Heart Leopard Cowgirl Hat
Diva Rose Cowgirl Hat
Lucky Star Horseshoe Cowgirl Hat
Bella Ensemble
Vintage Sewn Camo Newsboy Hat
Rock Studded Newsboy Hat
Pirate Girl Ensemble
Red Riviera Cross Necklace
Double strand Cross Pearl Necklace
Sterling Personalized Name Bracelet
Single Name Sterling Personalized Bracelet
Mixed Lampwork Bracelet
Bangle Tube Name Bracelet
Multiple Strand Name Bracelet
ANGEL 3 Piece Ensemble
Ballerina Denim Tutu
My Grandma Rocks Tee
LOCAL CELEBRITY Tee (boy or girl)
Uncommonly Cute Tee (boy or girl)
Copyright 2007 baby onesie
FRESHLY BAKED baby onesie
I'm Here Baby Onesie
BRAND NEW Baby onesie
TWINS Baby onesie
COPY PASTE Twins Baby Onesies
PERFECT PAIR Twins Onesies
BABY2 Twins Onesies
GUITAR Baby/Infant Shoes
MOM Tattoo Baby/Infant Shoes
DAD Tattoo Baby/Infant Shoes
FLAMES Baby/Infant Shoes (girls)
FLAMES Baby/Infant Shoes (boys)
I only date models Tee
My Dad Rocks T-Shirt or Onesie
My Mom Rocks Onesie
Fabulous Shirt or Onesie
Future Trophy Wife Tee or Onesie
PUNK Onesie or Shirt
Lock up your daughters Tee or Onesie
What Happens In Preschool Stays in Preschool Tee
Ladies Man Tee or Onesie
Boob Man Tee or Onesie
Democrat/Republican Tees or Onesies
Jesus Rocks Tee or Onesie
No. 1 Rocker Tee or Onesie
Twins Rock Tee or Onesie
Big Bro Tee
Lil Bro Tee or Onesie
Big Sis Tee
Lil Sis Onesie or Tee
Freebird Tee or Onesie
Legend Tee or onesie
ROYALTY Tee or Onesie
Royal Highness Tee or Onesie
Chloe Baby Wipe Container
I think I can Baby Wipe Container
Firetrucks Baby Wipe Container
Kitchy-Coo Baby Wipe Container
Green Zoo Baby Wipe Container
Emma Baby Wipe Container
Leopard Baby Wipe Container
Handbags Baby Wipe Container
Funky Monkey Baby Wipe Container
Butterflies Baby Wipe Container
Rosy Cocoa Baby Wipe Container
Vintage Flower Baby Wipe Container
Retro Daisy Baby Wipe Container
Diamonds Baby Wipe Container
Black Corduroy Pearl Cross Blazer (Child)
Pearl Butterfly Bracelet (child size)
Gumball Polymer Clay & Crystal Bracelet
Snowman Bracelet
Bright Heart Bracelet
Poodle Bracelet
Rose Garden Silver Bookmark
Silver Leopard Bookmark
Napa Valley Lampwork Bracelet
Safari Hand Painted Ceramic Bead Bracelet
PEACE camo hat
Skull & Flowers Tattoo Hat
Skull Heartbreaker Tattoo Hat
Chocolate Zebra Set
Center Grove Team Shirt
Custom Rhinestone/Rhinestud TEAM sports shirt
Custom appliqued TEAM Sports Shirt
Custom Beach Towel
Pink & Turquoise Crown Tee
Crown & Scrolls Tee
Sports themed nesting bins
Sports themed waste basket
Small Dog Treat Box
I'm Beggin' Ya Dog Treat Box
Cat Treat Box
Yellow Dog Treat Box
Small Dog Pet Bowl
Black Dog Bowl
Cat Pet Bowl
Wooden Fish Supplies Bin
Cat & Dog Nesting Bins
Leash Holder (3 color choices)
Sports Crayon Caddy
Art Crayon Caddy
Bright color nesting bins
Wooden Lipstick Bin
Butterfly Crayon Caddy
Butterfly Nesting Bins
Chocolate Cotton Candy Hand bag
Butterfly 3 Drawer Jewelry Box
Butterfly 6 Drawer Jewelry Box
Butterfly Waste Basket
Mini Butterfly Bins
Butterfly Picture Frame
Ho, Ho, Ho Notepad
Merry Christmas Bow Notepad
Pink Polka Dot Bow Notepad
Holiday Bow Notepads
Woodstock Cross necklace
Paris Funk T-Shirt Dress
Sports Fringe Bracelet & Earrings
Personalized Present Tee
Ho Ho Ho Jean Set
Candy Cane Dreams Faux Fur Shirt
Personalized Bottlecap Bracelet
Initial Tee's or Tanks
Minnie Mouse Jean Set
World Peas Tee or Onesie
Holiday T-Shirt Dress
Ho Ho Ho Necklace (Child's)
Personalized Name Necklace (Child)
Tiny Tiara Glass Crown
Brownie Dot Ballet Travel Blanket Pail
Brownie Dot Sky Travel Blanket Pail
Mod Dot Blue Travel Blanket Pail
Mod Dot Pink Travel Blanket Pail
Chocolate Bouquet Travel Blanket Pail
Under Cover Camo Travel Blanket Pail
Mod Dots Sibling Towel Pail
Party Favor Pail (Set of 8)
Plumeria Sterling Beaded Cuff Bracelet
Sky Blue Binkie Bungee
Spotted Kiwi Sterling Cuff Bracelet
Lemonade Binkie Bungee
Ballet Pink Binkie Bungee
Bubblegum Pink Binkie Bungee
HEAVEN Collection
Plum Leopard Bracelet Set
EARTHS PATH Collection
Lampwork Bead Pens
Bucket O' Suds
Pearl Cross Necklace & Earring Set
Gun metal Cross Necklace
COLTS Applique Team Shirt
Bold Fleur De Lis Necklace
Bath Candy
Soap Rolls
Six Pack Soap Rolls
Pure Soap Rolls Palette
Baby Zebra in Jeans Infant Car Seat Cover
Baby Rocco Infant Car Seat Cover
Baby Perry Infant Car Seat Cover
Baby Blue Giraffe Infant Car Seat Cover
Baby Pink GiraffeInfant Car Seat Cover
Baby Coco Infant Car Seat Cover
Baby Lola Infant Car Seat Cover
Baby Daisy Infant Car Seat Cover
Baby Funky Zebra Infant Car Seat Cover
Paris Infant Car Seat Cover
Baby Sadie Infant Car Seat Cover
Mimi Mouse Toddler Car Seat Cover
Madison Toddler Car Seat Cover
Pony Toddler Car Seat Cover
Joey Camo Toddler Car Seat Cover
Blue Lynx Toddler Car Seat Cover
Toddler Zebra in Jeans Car Seat Cover
Asia Toddler Car Seat Cover
Rocco Toddler Car Seat Cover
Playful Princess Yoga Pant Set
Daddy's Little Girl Yoga Pant Set
Bling Personalized Yoga Pant Set
Nolan Toddler Car Seat Cover
Audrey & lulu walking coat
Lame' a lulu pet coat
Silver storm pet coat
Strawberries & cream pet sweater
Pet Hooded Bath Towel Set
Audrey & lulu pet carrier
Long island nancy pet carrier
The spy who carried me pet carrier
Pocket full of puppies pet carrier
Lulu's dance card pet carrier
Denim doll pet carrier
Dinner is served pet feeder
Garden retreat pet bed
Round Pet Pillows
Got Love? Tee or Onesie
French Waste Baskets
Arched waste baskets
Polka Dot waste basket
Growth Chart
Chenille Letter Pillows
Wooden Table Top Clock
Decorative Wooden Keepsake Box
Wooden Bookholders
Pink Zebra Leather Handbag
Wooden Wall Clock
Wooden Striped Wall Hook Racks
Boo-tiful Bow Shirt
Toile Fabric Memo Boards
Wooden Beadboard Picture Frames
Wooden Cross Frames w/Bow
Rhinestone Cross Messenger Bag
Girlie Wood Cottage Picture Frames
Boys Cottage Style Wood Frames
Vintage Rock Star Necklace
Shh...I'm meditating baby cap
Thinking cap baby hat
Old Soul Baby Cap
I am loved tee
I will color outside the lines tee
Glass-Ceiling Breaker Tee
Personalized Bling Compact Mirror
Birthday Bling Tee
Holiday Snow Bling Yoga Pant Set
Hollywood Star Yoga Pant Set
Karate/Yoga Crown Bling Pants
V.I.P. Baby Bling Set
Princess Bling Tee with Crown
iBling Case for Video Ipod
Bling Faceplate for Razor Cell Phone
Lil Brothers Rock Guitar Tee
Lil Sisters Rock Guitar Tee
Angel Wings One Piece Infant Tee
Heart with Swallow Infant Onesie
Peace Onesie
Rock On Onesie
Misfit onesie
Prince Customizable Name Tee
Princess Customizable Name Tee
Angel Customizeable Name Tee
Bones Bottoms
Peace Yoga/Karate Pants
Rock Star Bottom Pants
Men's Big Brother's Rule Tee
Big or Little Sister Rose Rhinestud Tee
Big Sister To Be Rhinestud Tee
Skull & Crossbones Child Tank
Black Rhinestone Cross & Wings Tote
Star Dreams Set
Karma Necklace
Chained Crown Heart Locket Necklace
Flamed Heart Necklace
Lucky/Luck Card Cases
Key to my heart Personal Vanity Case
Peace Personal Vanity Case
Tough Love Vanity Compact
Amore Vanity Compact
Skull Vanity Compact
Fly Lightly Sparrow Pill Box
Crown Belt Buckle
True Love Chained Heart Necklace
Skull & Roses Heart Necklace
Luck Horseshoe Heart Beaded Necklace
Cross Heart Tattoo Style Necklace
Swallow Tattoo Beaded Heart Necklace
Luck Tattoo Ring
Monogrammed burp cloths
Beaded Topaz Cross Necklace
Crystal Cross Necklace
Rock Royalty Tank
Treehouse Rock Kids Tee
Skully Tee or Onesie
Angelic Onesie or Tee
Chick for Palin Tee
Palin, babies, guns, Jesus Tee
For the Hero & the Hottie Shirt
Skulls & Lace Ensemble
Royal Princess Capri Set
Ultimate Princess Skirt Set
Ultimate Princess Diaper Cover Set
Child's Newsboy Hat
Child's Brimmed Hat
Spring Time in Paris t-shirt dress
Going Cruisin' Resort Overalls
Love Child Gaucho Set
Funky Camo Cross Ensemble
Hippie Girl Ensemble
Classic Morgan Necklace
Token of Love Bracelet
Cotton Candy Ensemble
Moonlit Pearl Bracelet
Cherish Pearl Photo Bracelet
Praise the Lord Bracelet
Jesus is Lord Bracelet
Jesus is Lord Leather Necklace
Peace Cross Necklace
Fresh Chocolate Kiwi Skirt Set
Coordinating Hair Accessory for any Ensemble
Ultimate Princess Bangle
Eternity Circle Necklace
Halter/Tube Top Ensemble
Carnival Tank & Jean Set
Paris Ruffle Capri Set
Altered Art Decoupage Clipboards
ROCK OUT Punk Skirt Set
Shabby Paris Rose Skirt Set
Lime Explosion Skirt Set
Personalized Baby Blanket
Shadowbox Cross Bracelet
Adult sized Hand Stamped Sterling Cuff
Custom Hand Stamped Sterling Bracelet for Children
Orange Crush Bracelet & Earrings
Personalized Name Pillow
American Pie Capri Set
FRIENDS pillow
Surfer Girl Tiki Ensemble
Personalized Pillow Case
Vintage Chic Womens Apron
Personalized Initial Pillow
Cinnamon Bling Lampwork Bracelet
Custom Name Tee
Salsalito Coulottes Set
Aqua Chocolate Lounge Set
Citrus Water handbag
Animal Print Personalized Name Blanket
Funky Petals Skirt Set
Funk-a-delic Jean Set
Blue Calm Jean Set
Wild Rose Bracelet
Flowers in Beijing Set
Peace & Love Skirt Set
Autumn Chic' Bracelet Set
Mint Blessings Bracelet Set
Sarah Palin is my homegirl
Vote like a girl Palin Tee
My Kids Rock Tee
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Angelica Grace Designs is a boutique specializing in funky, edgey, hip, girly, chic, trendy, and trend-setting designs for women, children, homes, boutique owners, WAHMs (work at home moms) and anyone else looking for a unique approach to style. Our services include customer boutique designs regarding clothing, home decor, and jewelry. We also entertain offers for wholesale accounts to the most elite of the elite when it comes to retailers. We look forward to working with you! Angie, Angelica Grace Designs