About Us

Angelica Grace Designs was an idea that graced my mind in late 2004. In January 2005, AGD was officially launched. After a stressful and very worrisome 2003-2004 due to medical concerns and health issues surrounding my infant daughter, I decided that I needed an “outlet.” I remembering telling my husband one day that I wanted something to re-focus my attention on. I was yearning for something positive to fill my days with rather than continually be surrounded by or stuck within the nightmare of unknowns concerning my daughter and the new diagnosis/prognosis we were getting on a month-to-month basis. Kennedy Grace, now 4 years old, went on to be diagnosed with Epilepsy (ATypical absence seizures) as well as with a condition called “Hypotonia” which is otherwise known as low muscle tone throughout the body. The hypotonia caused severe delays in her walking, talking, and many other areas of what should have been her normal developmental milestones. We now undergo 3 different therapy sessions a week outside our home with Kenidi in order to help her gain strength and catch up in those areas where she has the biggest delay. As draining as it sometimes can be, it is all very worth it! Not only that, but the good Lord has blessed us with phenomenal therapists that work with Kenidi and who have also now become such a HUGE part of our extended family.

After praying to God incessantly about the outcome of Kenidi’s health, I also found myself beginning to pray for something to redirect my thoughts toward. I asked God repeatedly to use me in the ways he wanted me to be used. I prayed for peace, hope, strength, and wisdom when searching for this outlet. Within a very short time, AGD was born. Anyone who knows me personally still laughs at the fact that Angie…a person who had never had any desire to sew whatsoever in her 30 years of life, all of a sudden came up with this idea to buy a sewing machine and start “designing” now. My friends laugh, my husband, my family – everyone laughs! We all chuckle to this day when we think back on the idea that I first spilled from my mouth. If they were honest, they would all tell you that they never could have ever fathomed “I” would be sewing and creating what I am today. Especially considering the meltdown I had the night of my 1st sewing class. I left that class and called my husband literally in tears claiming that I was returning the sewing machine the following day due to my incompetence within the sewing world. I was humiliated in class when I couldn’t even figure out how to turn on the machine let alone thread the thing. Being the supportive husband that he is, Brent’s comment to me was….”Just stick with it, Angie. If it were easy…everyone would do it!” To this day, I still hear myself repeating those words in my head as I am ferociously taking a seam ripper and tearing apart an ensemble that didn’t turn out as expected. By the grace of God, I picked up sewing fairly quickly but am still learning new things in the sewing and designing world on a daily basis. I also now have employees which are also my “friends.” Due to the overwhelming demand for my designs since beginning this journey, I’ve hired these women to help me tackle the demand of all of the custom sewing orders I now receive.  On top of that, we recently opened up a “shop online” feature to the boutique and now offer not just my designs but other artisans and manufacturers labels as well.  I owe all of the glory to God in regard to this business endeavor and where it has to lead me. I contribute each of my customers, old and new, to God’s unconditional blessings he continually places within my life. Without him and the support of my family, friends, & clients…I nor AGD would be possible.

And for those of you who don’t already know the story behind the name (title) of AGD, The name “Angelica Grace Designs” came from the idea of my husband and I’s co-collaboration when searching for a design name that I could use. Angelica stems from my name, Angela. I also find children to be very angelic so I thought “Angelica” was fitting. Grace is my daughter’s middle name and since she was a huge reason for why I chose this endeavor in the first place, I felt she deserved a spot in the title somewhere. Grace also stands for and is very significant when I think of the Lord and his “Grace” that has allowed this journey to “work” for me. His grace put a plan or an idea in my head and then lead me there in the smoothest way possible. I owe all of the glory to him once again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry and for even having an interest in my work. Feel free to contact me should you need a custom order, an altered or revamped item from the past, etc. I’d love to work with you one on one and create that one-of-a-kind ensemble that AGD is known so well for designing and bringing to life.